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“Love is what we are born with. Fear is what we learn. The spiritual journey is the unlearning of fear and acceptance of love back in our hearts” ~Marianne Williamson

Yoga with Constance Newton

Aligning, Balancing, and Strengthening,

Mind and Body through Breath and Movement

What is yoga? How do you prepare for a session? What benefits might you expect from practicing yoga, meditation, or other such modalities? Here you will find the answer to those questions, as well as some additional insights, possible sources of inspirations, as well as suggestions for your own exploration. You will also find where my classes are being offered, as well as what others are saying about their experiences…

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Kripalu Certified Yoga Instruction

Why Practice Yoga Once A Week Or More Often?

Develop Strength, Balance and Flexibility

Reduce Tension and Depression


Mental Clarity

Improve Posture


Greater Emotional Stability

Heightened Intuition

Relieve Stress

Better Sense of Self and Empowerment

Better Sleep

Even after just one practice, people report feeling lighter, happier, energized and transformed

How do you prepare for a session?

  • Its best to avoid food for the 2 hours leading up to a session, otherwise eating very lightly, fruit or nuts.
  • Yoga attire includes form fitting tops that are not binding or revealing The top should allow for full range of motion, like tank tops.
  • Pants that are also form fitting or stretchy allow for greater body awareness and movement, so bicycle shorts, leggings, or yoga pants are great options.
  • For those who perspire a lot, consider yoga gloves to prevent slippage as well as a hand towel.
  • A bottle of water.
  • Jewelry and accessories may interfere with your practice and could be a safety hazard.
  • Inquire if yoga mats are available for free to rent, of if you will need to bring a mat.
  • Plan to arrive to session at least 10 minutes before it begins, earlier if you anticipate travel or parking issues.
  • Upon arriving, introduce yourself to the instructor and let them know if you have any injuries, concerns about practicing yoga, or share what you hope to achieve from attending.
  • Be sure to turn off cell phones, watches, etc. The practice is time for YOU, to disconnect from others and reconnect with yourself.




Tips for maximizing the benefits afterward

  • The practice is detoxifying, so to aid the process, its best to drink water or herbal tea afterward.
  • Enjoy a sauna or steam room.
  • Consider writing either about your experience or thoughts that emerged during your practice.
  • Often the practice unites mind, body and spirit, heightening our awareness and understanding of life, work and relationships so it can be useful to track some of those thoughts that arise, afterward.