I’d love to hear from you about the current yoga schedule, or what classes you would like to see me add.

My background and experience is diverse, a blessing! I’d like to extend my expertise to you through sessions that meet your interests.

The challenge is not knowing what is of interest. Sometimes people fear sharing their interests, goals, or needs out of fear of how the other person may take it. So, I will make this as easy and comfortable for you to share, as possible. Remember that with my training, and prior teaching experience both in NY, and CT means I have seen and heard a lot. To make this feel even more safe for you and requiring no commitment, I will not respond to your email unless your note suggests you want to start a dialogue. Otherwise, this is the space to share your dreams for a yoga or meditation session that meets your personal goals.

Please shoot me a quick email (You have permission to forgo introductions and niceties) letting me know:

  • WHAT KIND OF SESSION would interest in you, or someone in your household.
  • WHAT DAYS & TIMES are ideal for attendance at that session
  • Include any SPECIAL NEEDS OR CONCERNS you might have regarding starting, restarting or deepening your practice.

Gratitude to you for taking the time to read this post, and for making time to share your thoughts with me via email.