Alice Constance Newton (Constance) is a Kripalu certified yoga instructor who has taught in the NY and CT area for years. Constance had the privilege of training under well-known gurus throughout the East Coast over the last 15 years. What began as a strengthening tool, evolved into a healing mechanism after a debilitating accident, and is now a way of life, a passion, and a desire to assist others using the many benefits of yoga. 

Breathing Love Center, LLC offers tools and teachings to those seeking inner peace, strengthening exercises, pain relief, flexibility, weight loss, and a higher state of consciousness.

Constance’s loving approach to people, life, and its challenges originates from her spiritual point of view. Her loving grace is gifted to attendees as soon they step onto their mats and can be experienced throughout each session. 

Breathing, loving and centering through yoga and meditation helps all to live a joyful, peaceful, healthy life. Few people enter yoga “good at it,” but after regular practice, strength, flexibility, and balance is theirs, both in mind and body. Attendees attest that sessions with Constance are enjoyable and rewarding, so “getting good” is a natural outcome. 

Practice with Constance for a transformative meditation experience; connect your breath to movement during a slow flow or Vinyasa session; or enjoy the gentle flow of a Love Your Brain session, designed to soothe and strengthen the mind and body.